Q: What are your prices for the henna designs?

The price will vary according to the length of the coverage and style of design that you want. Please share the wedding or event date, event location, the coverage you want and some pictures of what you're looking for from my website/ Instagram and send them to me via text or email and I can give you an accurate price quote.

Q: Can you come to my home or the location I will be having an event/gathering?

Yes, I do travel to your event location. I am located in Canton MI. I do charge travel fee for location other than Canton, MI. Please contact me to find out the travel charge. You are welcome at my location for the appointment and there is no additional fees for that.

Q: What should I know before receiving my henna application?

Henna takes around 30 minutes to dry so prepare to have the area you want henna’d to be uncovered for at least 30-45 mins (This doesn’t apply to bridal henna).

Prior to henna application, make sure to avoid any oils or lotions on that area.

You want to avoid water for the first day after the henna application. So, make sure to shower before your session.

For the following day’s shower, you want to apply a generous amount of coconut oil, Vaseline, or a natural balm on the stain to protect it from water.

Henna takes around 48 hours to fully darken. It starts out a light orange and gradually darkens to a reddish or brown color, so don’t worry when it’s light when it first comes off!

Q: Can I apply henna to my belly if I am pregnant?

Yes! I have done pregnant belly art and I can assure you that I use the safest ingredients in my henna mix.

It is recommended to consult your doctor regarding the topical use of essential oils, but I have never had any problems with this in the past.

Q: Is the process painful? How does it compare to getting a tattoo?

Henna is completely painless and applied using henna cones on the top of the skin. It is a temporary work of body art as opposed to getting a tattoo which requires needle to inject ink under your skin and it’s permanent on your skin.

Q: How long is the application process?

It depends on the intricacy/size of the design and the henna artist. A standard, simple design extending from the wrist up to one finger takes me about 5 to 7 minutes. Full bridal henna may take anywhere from 2 – 10 hours. Individual henna appointment varies in time and you can book accordingly.

Q: How can I get an amazing henna stain?

We prepare our henna paste with organic oil and natural henna powder with no added chemicals. In matter of 24-48 hours, your stain will appear in shades of orange to dark cherry brown color. The color of henna depends on several factors: 1. Quality of the henna powder and paste. 2. Your body heat. 3. Where on the body you put the henna. 4. Follow aftercare instruction provided by artist.

Q. What is Black Henna and do you offer or recommend it?

Black henna is a paste made by mixing a little bit of henna, and a majority of things that are really bad for your skin, specifically: PPD (a chemical found in permanent hair dye), charcoal, kerosene and other chemicals. Chemicals such as these can cause lead poisoning, painful sores and permanent scarring. Henna is NOT black and when natural henna is used, it will always stain in shades of red and brown. Henna does not come in different color. Radhe henna does not use or offer or encourage the use of black henna.

Q. How do I keep stain darker for longer time?

Henna stains typically fade in one to three weeks depending on the henna quality used, your skin and how much you wash the part where henna is applied. For longevity of henna color, we suggest less washing of the body part where henna is applied and less use of soaps and exfoliants.